Content At Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas …

I woke up to snow, and I am OK with that. I would actually be happy to not have to shovel at all, this winter, but the snow definitely made it feel a little more “Christmasy”.

Our Christmas day was a busy one. Bird in the slow cooker and elbow grease in the basement. We cleaned and tidied and arranged and set up and cooked. What seemed like an easy day – after a lot of tough ones – actually turned out to be busier than we anticipated. Still, we were able to get everything useful and ready for family.

It’s still surprising, sometimes, how happy I feel when our “children” come over. Yes, it’s Christmas, and that changes perspectives; still, I always look forward to having our house full, again.

I’m lucky that way.

It was pretty low key. We ate, talked, and laughed. We played Taboo and laughed some more at how ridiculous we were. The later it got, the more we laughed.

Laughing is good. Christmasy.

I got some great gifts: a hand made cup that I’ll use for my morning tea, a deck of cards to help break through writer’s block, and a book with 642 challenging ideas for very short stories to write.

It seems like maybe my family is nudging me in a particular direction. A little caffeine and get to work.

I already wrote about how lucky I am, so I won’t bore you by repeating it, but I am feeling especially fortunate tonight. Tomorrow we meet again, eat, and head to grandma’s house. For more eating and laughing.

There seems to be a theme developing that includes laughter and an ever-stretching stomach.

It’s true that our Christmases have changed over the years. When the boys were younger, presents were very important. When you don’t have many things, each thing gains in importance. Musical instruments, video games and other items were well received.

Times are changing. As they have hit adulthood,  their tastes have changed. They are collecting their own stuff. The wide eyed excitement at what may lie in the wrapped box is not as great as it was. Instead, it has been replaced by how useful or thoughtful the gift.

This, I think, is as it should be. We grow. We change. These things are reflected in how we give and receive gifts.

And what do Sue and I give each other for Christmas? Well, this year we gave each other a (nearly) finished basement. Which cost a heck of a lot more than the simple gifts we used to get for each other.

Time will tell whether or not we made a wise decision.

I truly didn’t need to receive a single gift to feel fortunate today. While I may not have the comparative wealth of some of my fellow Canadians, I am overly blessed with friends, family and love.

Fortunate indeed.

Tomorrow will be an unusual day: no work. That’s right. Other than making a meal, there will be no cleaning. No tidying. No moving of things.

No dust. Hallelujah! No dust. I can’t believe how good that feels.

As you can see, I have no deep thoughts, tonight. I am simply feeling grateful, happy, and content.


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