I Was At the Ballet and A Fight Broke Out!

Aloha from Maui

We have done a couple of touristy things this last week – one of which I never believed would ever happen … but more on that later.

Ulalena – the “traditional” story of the origins of Maui as told by Cirque de Soleil. (“Did you know that the Cirque is Canadian? You Canadians sure are brilliant!” said a local woman. Yes, we are, and thanks again for the affirmation.)

OK, I expected it to be more ballet than monster truck, and I was right. It was ok and then … a fight broke out in the audience. I’m not making it up.

There was a young couple who had been making rude remarks and laughing at somewhat inappropriate times all night. An older, very large gentlemen suggested, rather colourfully, that these people leave. “You suck!” “No, you suck!” And more witticisms like that flew back and forth.

“I’ll meet you outside … No, I’ll meet YOU outside.” And so on. And then … and I’ve only ever seen this in the movies, the old guy throws his drink into the young guy’s face.

Just before the bell rang for round two, security came and escorted the young couple out.

It was like being at a hockey game, except warmer.

This was in Lahaina, by the way. Not that you care. But you should care about this.

We had the best food we’ve ever had … and my mother in law can really cook.

We went to a place called Kimos on Front Street. I had the ribs, and my wife had chicken and steak on skewers.

It … Was … Awesome! The meat fell of the bone, was so tender, and tasted so on incredibly good that I’m pretty sure we were making somewhat obscene moaning noises. Think “When Harry Met Sally” restaurant scene.

And, there was a baked potato that was also incredibly good, I couldn’t believe it. If you’re ever in Lahaina, you must go.

Did I mention it was incredibly good?

Actually, we’ve been having pretty good food all round lately, so I have no complaints. Of course, even McDs tastes pretty great when the temperature is 26, the sun is out, and you have no particular place to go.

We were lucky enough to have another shopping day. Totally unrelated, John Mclane took on Russia in “Keep Dying Hard Until They Bury You … Again”.

Now, here’s the shocking development. No, not all the chickens have died. We did see a just past middle age couple – probably German – who changed in front of us at a “secluded” waterfall, but, at my age, so what.

No … I went Ziplining, and my wife did too! I was shocked, as she has a fear – dare I say phobia – of heights.

She did great! Now, this wasn’t the biggest zipline in the world, but it was nearly 80′ high (8 stories!) and we reached speeds of 45 mph (about 80km/h). That’s not just rhubarb, you know.

Well, our time here is coming to an end. Tomorrow night we start the long flight back to home. While I suppose it might be ok to see the lads (cue tear jerking music), I’m not looking forward to cold, snow, and wearing pants.

Of course, what I wear in the privacy of my own home is none of your business …


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