Signs of the Times

I like seeing things that make me smile. Like signs.

1) I like signs. Not as in “burning bushes, plagues of locusts, etc”, but signs that make me laugh. I took a picture of one (which is in my phone somewhere) that says “Orangutan Restroom”.

No way I’d ever clean that.

My favourite sign, to date, has to do with honesty in advertising. A guy on the street had a sign with a marijuana plant on it that said “Need cash for pot.” I laughed hard enough that I almost gave him a dollar.

2) Most awkward moment – thus far. I’m on a trolley and there’s an old lady across the aisle from me. She is wearing a dress, and I notice that her leg is all old and gnarly and veiny. She happens to catch my eye. “That’s right,” she said. I’m not quite sure what she meant, but it felt dirty.

It’s funny. Little kids and old ladies love me. It’s just everyone else …

3) The lads will be touching down soon. Not Zeus and Apollo, from Magnum PI. I’m pretty sure they are deceased. No, I mean our sons.

I’m not sure how we – considering how young we are – have sons who can travel half way across the world without us. We must live in some sort of time warp or black hole or something.

I’m looking forward to / dreading their arrival. It will be nice to see them. We’ll do cool stuff and have fun. But, it means that our carefree days of doing whatever we feel like doing are over. It’ll be sort of the same, but with way more whining.

4) It is amazingly windy today. I know you are very sympathetic – although I hear it was above zero today back in sunny Saskatoon – to my plight. One of the things I’ve done in a past life is operate a sandblaster. The beach was a lot like that today. Also, if “windswept hair” is an actual look, I am – finally – in style.

The sun is really bringing out my cool “blonde” highlights. I have some cool shades, too.

5) We have been making a point of watching sunsets. They are a bit boring, compared to Saskatchewan ones. It looks like the sun will take about an hour to go down. You turn to say something incredibly romantic to your spouse. Turn back and the sun is gone.

Having said that, they are still pretty nice. I was going to take a picture, but some idiot chose that time to sail his boat right between us and the sun. There it was, silhouetted on the sun.

Way to wreck the shot, Gilligan.

Well, I’ve got 6 minutes to catch the next sunset, so catch you later.

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